How do I find a Kita spot?

  1. Find kitas near you using this site and create a spreadsheet to help you coordinate your search
  2. Contact the kitas and ask when you can visit. Keep track of your contacts and dates in your spreadsheet
  3. Visit the kitas and apply for a spot for your child. You are now on the waiting list
  4. To stay on the waiting list you should contact the kitas monthly saying you’re still interested in the spot. Some kitas may not require this but they’ll instruct you otherwise in that case. Remember to update your spreadsheet.

What about the Kitagutschein?

A Kitagutschein is valid for 6 months. You can apply for kita spots without having a valid gutshein; and since queues can be 2 years long it’s quite common to do so. When you apply for a gutschein it can be as fast as one week for you to receive it.

This is too much.
Can someone help me?

Some Jugendamts assist parents in finding a spot. However, because of the current situation most of them stopped this service.

There are Kita Consultants who basically will do the above process for you for a fee. We don’t list kita consultants because we can’t verify their services. You may find them in relevant facebook groups offering their services.

We feel your pain - don’t panic. You’re in the same boat as thousands of other parents. The best we can do is recommend you either hire someone to do this for you; or you grind it out using the process above.